The state of my emotions, starting at 9am on Tuesday - November 8, through 5pm on Thursday - November 9, 2016:

Tuesday 9:00am - 7:00pm:

Tuesday 7:01pm - 9:00pm:

Tuesday 9:01pm - 11:30pm:

Tuesday 11:31pm-11:44pm:

Tuesday 11:45pm:

Tuesday 11:46pm:

Some time while sleeping:

Wednesday 6:00am:

Wednesday 6:01am:

Wednesday 6:02am:

Wednesday 6:03am-5:00pm:

Wednesday 5:01pm- 6:00pm:

Always and forever since:

Wednesday 6:01pm-7:00pm:

Wednesday 7:01pm-Thursday 12:00pm:

Thursday 12:01pm:

Thursday 12:02pm - 5:00pm (repeated every time I forgot to distract myself):

Thursday 5:01pm - 5:30pm:

Thursday 5:31pm:

Everyday from now on: